Queridos amigos,

 I’m excited to announce my campaign for Durham City Council. Since joining the council a little over a year ago, I have jumped right in to doing the work that makes our city a progressive beacon, not just in the South, but across the United States. I have been unceasingly committed to all who call Durham home. I love Durham and look forward to expanding a vision for this city that we have all helped shape, a vision of a city for everyone.

I have been fortunate to have excellent colleagues on council who are steadfast in their belief in this same vision. I am proud that Council Members Jillian Johnson and Charlie Reece helped draft our Bull City Together Platform.  Over the course of the campaign, we will continually release concrete policy proposals that help us achieve our goals and aspirations. This is a campaign with the foundational belief that we're all in this together.

 Un Abrazo,


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